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We're renowned for our innovative products, cutting-edge tech and continuous drive to transform the industry, but we wouldn't get very far with any of that without the talented bunch of misfits that make up our team. The motivated oddballs that keep stuff moving. The delectable dafties that - okay, you get the point.

Solar Gates came to be way back in 2006 - and we've kept ourselves super busy doing our bit for the planet and the people who live on it ever since.

Here's a few stats we're really proud of:

Why do we do it?

Well, it's pretty simple, really. Because we do way more than build and innovate. We care. We save carbon. And most importantly - we save lives.

Second Chances

35% of our workforce have overcome barriers to employment during their time with us. From addiction to past convictions or seeking refuge, the journeys our colleagues have been on are nothing short of incredible.

Because they're living proof of the great things people can achieve if you give them a second chance or throw them a lifeline, and we believe everyone deserves a shot at turning things around without being judged for their past.

As part of that, we've created a company culture that's characterised by support and understanding - so when our people come to work, they can be entirely themselves, all of the time.

How We Say Thanks

We believe our people deserve to be rewarded for their contributions to Solar Gates and the brilliant work they do. Here's a few things we've put in place to say thanks:

Learning & Development

We provide every member of
our team with a yearly training budget so they can upskill in
their profession.

Wellbeing Programme

We're a culture of healthy living,
healthy minds who look out for
each other, and our wellbeing
programme is a huge part of that.

Profit Share

We work as a team, so we share
as a team. That's why anyone
who's been with us for a year
is automatically eligible for a
share of our profits.

Fair Rewards

We're constantly striving to
offer extra benefits to
improve our employee's
work/life balance and make
their careers more fulfilling.

Mmmm… Honey

We don't just do award-winning solar hybrid barriers and gates. We've also got a dozen beehives dotted around the factory that we use to farm delicious honey and help local food producers.

Sounds a bit random, we know. But bees support our ecosystem and a huge variety of wildlife, and that's something we care a lot about.

The Path to Net Zero

All of our products are solar or hybrid powered so we can help our customers strive towards becoming Net-Zero.

We design everything to require as little power as possible, regardless of the season, so we can do our bit to help counteract the negative effects of carbon emissions and strive towards a greener planet - because the Earth deserves to be looked after.

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