Providing quick & simple traffic control, barriers are the most common method of managing traffic flow and parking in busy or sensitive areas. Barriers cover a vast range of options to suit all types of car parks and entrances - private, public, commercial or industrial.

Managing your traffic and parking problems

The choice of parking barrier is critical to the application and there is a vast range of options to suit - but we will advise you on the best for your budget and needs.

We can design and install systems to your precise requirements, which may include the following:

Safety is always at the heart of every system we install and barriers typically have at least 3 levels of 'fail-safe' obstacle detection fitted as standard. This ensures compatibility to the latest EN standards and allows our installations to work safely for all levels of user.

If you need help on which product to choose, advice on the best solution or would like to arrange a survey with one of project managers, please don't hesitate to call us on 01622 534000 or contact us.

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