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Effortless Traffic Control

INSTABOOM Go is an entirely portable, remote controlled, solar powered automatic stop:go board that allows traffic to be controlled efficiently in an instant.

At just 24 kgs the flight case format has been designed to be deployed by just one person with ease and simplicity. Once deployed, the system is controlled from a safe distance, ensuring the safety of both the operator and motorists.

Thanks to its solar/hybrid power system, the INSTABOOM Go harnesses the power of the sun to operate. When the sun isn't shining, the system can run for a full week of 10 hour shifts turning twice a minute before it would need to be charged.

If required charging is simple and easy and from home, depot or it can be simply be left in the sun.

With labour shortages a critical threat in the highways sector, the INSTABOOM Go allows what has always been a dangerous 2 man operation to be managed by one, more safely. 100% labour and life saving.

The latest product in the highly successful INSTABOOM family, the INSTABOOM GO is manufactured at our Kent facilities, is UKCA marked as well as all other necessary safety accreditations. Supplied with an 800m remote control as standard and with optional telematics, allowing remote monitoring of battery life, rotation state and location.


"Remotely controlled Stop/Go boards should be used where possible." - Safety at Street Works and Road Works, A Code of Practice

Technical Information

  • PORTABLE - at just 23kgs it's perfect for a 1 person deployment
  • RUGGED - 3 week run time on one charge, even without sunlight
  • QUICK - Deployed in under 1 minute for 2, 3 or 4 way closure.
  • SOLAR - Integrated solar panel, 2 week run time with Anderson and car top-up chargers
  • CONTROLLED - 800m rugged radio fob, operate from a safe distance
  • SIMPLE - quick release stop:go pole, 2m to top of pole
  • TELEMATICS - optimal fleet performance and email alerts option
  • VISIBLE - 60cm chapter8 STOP/GO sign, high intensity LED beacon
  • For full technical specifications please see the product brochure.


    The Complete 'Red Book' ready 2-Way Stop:GO kit

    All the TM you need for a fully compliant Stop:Go deployment, in 2 compact carry bags


    International Options

    Designed initially in the UK as a lightweight barrier system, INSTABOOM Go and the labour, life and carbon saving opportunity it offers has seen us adopt and adapt the unit to suit several international markets. With both 90 and 180 degree options from the same unit, talk to us about customisation to suit your territory.

    Contact our dedicated team to discuss your requirements